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Home Insulation

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Premier Builders are the top insulation specialists in Dublin and surrounding counties supplying energy saving alternatives nationwide! We’ve got a array of insulation solutions for your house, choose from the options below for more detail. Offering external wall insulation, internal wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, attic insulation and exterior renders in Ireland.

  With outstanding cavity wall insulating properties, it’s excellent for domestic, commercial and industrial usage. Supplying 100% cavity fill with no cold spots, no waste and simple to install. With outstanding durability, water resistant and rust proof our bead product is the number 1 choice for insulation.

Home Insulation Benefits

  • 20 percent more efficient than stone and glass wool
  • 30% less drill holes when compared to the standard solution
  • Reduces heat loss by approximately 70 percent
  • As much as 30% reduction on fuel bills
  • No settlement and no wastage
  • Consistent density with constant thermal protection during the installed region
  • BBA approved and the backing of a 25 year insurance warranty

Kinds Of Insulation We Provide

  • External Wall Insulation
  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Energy Saving Windows
  • Drylining
  • Roof Insulation

Specialist External Wall Insulation Installers

 External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a very effective way of insulating solid wall properties to significantly decrease the amount of heat lost through the walls.
  The installation procedure involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the external walls of a house, and covering it with reinforcement and a particular render in a array of decorative finishes.

Why install external wall insulation?

  Insulating your home could reduce your heating costs considerably. Solid walls are famous for letting through twice as much warmth as cavity walls.

What are the advantages of having external wall insulation installed?

  • There are so many reasons why insulating your solid walls is a terrific energy saving measure.
  • External wall insulation is 1 of the most effective ways of eliminating damp and mold
  • It can reduce condensation significantly
  • External wall insulation can be implemented without interruption to the household
  • Insulating your solid walls from outside doesn’t reduce the floor area of your home
  • External wall insulation provides a beautiful new appearance to your home
  • By insulating your walls from outside, you may improve the weather proofing and the noise resistance of your home
  • Installing external wall insulation fills gaps and cracks in the brickwork which reduces draughts
  • Insulating your walls from outside increases the lifetime of your walls by shielding the brickwork
  • Your home will have a fresh new look.

Is it worth the investment?

  Most external insulation systems include 25 year warranty which means installing external wall insulation can be a fantastic investment for many years to come.

What should I consider when installing external wall insulation?

  You will need planning permission You must bear in mind that installing external wall insulation will alter the look of your property significantly, you need to check with your local council first to see whether you require permission. The procedure requires good access to the outside walls If for some reason the access to the walls is limited, you might need to consult an expert to discuss whether the property can be suitably insulated from the exterior. Problematic walls Installing external wall insulation isn’t recommended if the outer walls if the outer walls are debatable and can’t be repaired. Conservation regions If you reside in a conservation area, you’ll require to check with your local council first before changing the look of your home.

How much can I save?

  If you reside in a detached house you could be saving up to 455 euro annually. *

How much does this cost?

  The expense of installing external wall insulation may fluctuate greatly depending on the condition of your home and factors like the sort of insulation system installed and the size of your premises. Premier Builders can help you fund the installation of external wall insulation with easy monthly payments. Book a consultation with 1 of our energy saving advisors for a no obligation advice about external wall insulation.

Cavity Wall Insulation Dublin

Heat – Keep it in with Cavity Wall Insulation!

  Did you know that more heat is lost through the walls of your home than by any other course? If your home is uninsulated you could be losing up to 35 percent of the heat generated by your heating unit. Insulating the walls of your home results in less energy waste as heat is kept for longer within the insulated construction, reducing the quantity of fuel burned to keep the house warm.
  The principle is just like putting on a thick winter coat in cold weather; you would require to drink a good deal of hot tea to stay warm in the winter with only a hands shirt! Insulated homes aren’t just warmer but cheaper to operate, since the consequence of conserving all that energy can lower your heating bill by up to 33%. For many homes installing Cavity Wall insulation saves you euro 160* a year on your heating system. Our homes are responsible for approximately 27 percent of the Ireland’s carbon dioxide emissions. If everyone in Ireland using a appropriate home installed Cavity Wall Insulation, we would reduce CO2 (the greenhouse gas which speeds up climate change) emissions by approximately 7 million tonnes! That is enough CO2 to fill almost 40 million double-decker buses! Energy Efficiency is a government priority and insulation grants continue to be available for nearly all householders.

Kinds of Cavity Wall Insulation – Fibre, Bead and Foam

  Premier Builders can provide 3 kinds of Cavity Wall Insulation, providing the best possible answer to your properties needs. Fibre, Bead and Foam insulation materials are all eligible for ECO grant financing, and installation warranties .

Grant Funding

  With recent modifications to ECO grant financing Premier Builders are providing grant financed Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation accessible to all qualified properties, no matter the homeowners, leasing tenants or landlords earnings. New funding means that many homes could qualify for grant financed insulation, subject to survey terms and circumstances apply.
  Even if your home was built with a few Cavity Wall Insulation already present, we’re always finding homes with inadequate quantities. Premier Builders can offer grant financed partial fill insulation for Cavity Walls. 

Professional Internal Wall Insulation Installers

Internal Wall Insulations is a very effective way of insulating solid wall properties to significantly decrease the quantity of heat lost through the walls.
  Premier Builders specialises in the insulation of solid wall properties and contains internally insulated countless domestic properties all around the Ireland, consisting of social and private housing, as an alternate remedy to External Wall Insulation.
 The installation procedure involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the internal walls of a house, completed with plasterboard to make a smooth and clean surface for redecoration. Decoration and the motion of fixtures and fittings are usually contained within the installation package.


  Uninsulated solid walls can flow up to 45 percent of a property’s warmth — insulation these walls can save up to 425 euro annually on your electricity bills. * Strong walls can be insulated internally or externally, with the price depending on the property size and condition. Internal Wall Insulation provides a number of advantages:

  • Produces a warmer and more comfortable home
  • Significantly lowers your energy bills
  • Enhances the appearance of your house
  • Can be performed on a room-by-room foundation
  • Prevents condensation and mold growth
  • Increases the value of your property

Insulation Of Lofts, Attics And Roofs

Attic Insulation is an easy yet effective approach of insulating your home. With up to 30 percent of your house heat escaping through the roof of your home, attic insulation acts as a barrier, preventing the heat from penetrating and for that reason keeping your home warmer and more comfortable.

  Did you know that the one-fourth of a house’s heat is lost through an uninsulated roof?  That’s lots of money disappearing from your attic! That is why here in Premier Builders we’re dedicated to helping our customers save money by installing quality roof insulation, helping to keep your heat where you want it.  We provide a professional, efficient and effective roofing insulation service, using our wealth of knowledge and experience to install the ideal roofing insulation solution for your home or commercial property.

  The best depth of attic insulation is 300mm. It’s strongly recommended that you top-up your attic insulation to achieve this optimum level to make sure your home retains as much warmth as possible. Installing attic insulation usually takes around half a day and the occupants can stay in the house as functions are being performed.

The advantages of loft and attic insulation Made from spray foam:

  • Uniform tightness and insulation got at 1 point, also around the components of unparalleled geometry.
  • Increased longevity of the construction and reduction of thermal bridges.
  • The foam doesn’t settle over time.
  • Reduction of the flow and risk of condensation of moisture, especially on metal.
  • The foam does not have any nutritional value to germs, rodents and insects, and since it’s airtight it doesn’t encourage them to settle, instead of insulation made from fibres or granules.
  • 25-year warranty.

Spray Foam Insulation Contractors in Dublin

Our experienced and trained spray foam insulation installers in Dublin will be delighted to supply you the advice and info you need on attic insulation, roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, suspended wood floor insulation and much more.

Get the best spray foam insulation deals in London!

No Middlemen. No Hassle. Deal Direct with Dublin’s No.1 Installers today.

Here’s how you benefit: We provide the lowest deals for spray foam insulation in Dublin, and by dealing directly with us you can save as much as 50% in your heating and cooling costs with our foam insulation. That is not all… our spray foam includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t need to worry about keeping this match and forget merchandise as it lasts the life of your home.
  It could not be simpler, The homes in Dublin where we apply spray foam as an alternative to conventional insulation procedures, are markedly warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Let’s not forget all of the condensation, damp and mould problems we remove with our spray foam!

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